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The Ferrari Enzo Is Less Powerful Than One Of Its Own And It's Not LaFerrari

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More powerful, better handling, and insanely cheaper.

It's really quite astonishing how far supercars have come in a relatively short period of time. Not only can they serve as workable daily drivers but they're also more powerful than ever. Here's an example: The Ferrari F430, launched in 2005, produced a total of 490 hp. Its present day descendent, the 488 GTB, has 661 hp. That's an additional 171 ponies in a decade. Going even further, the Enzo has an output of 651 hp. That launched in 2002, meaning today's mid-engined Ferrari offering is, well, you can do the simple math. And that's just nuts.

A Ferrari 488, with a base price of around $245,000, gets you more horsepower, better handling, and an improved overall driving experience than the $1 million+ price tag for an Enzo today. Unless you must have an Enzo, that 488 is one hell of a supercar bargain. Check out what Chris Harris had to say about the 488 Spider during his Italian countryside test drive.

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