The Ferrari F40 Can Still Put Modern Supercars To Shame

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Driving a Ferrari F40 was a dream come true for this US race driver.

The Ferrari F40 recently turned 30, but it's still just as special. Originally launched in 1987 to commemorate Ferrari's 70th anniversary, the F40 was built as a race car for the road at the time. Yes, it sounds like a cliché but the F40 lives up to this claim thanks to its tubular steel space-frame chassis and carbon fiber body. To back this claim, US race driver Cooper MacNeil recently fulfilled his dream of driving the legendary F40 in this short but sweet video posted by Petrolicious, just in time to celebrate the automaker's 70th anniversary. It didn't disappoint.

The F40 is a thoroughbred supercar in its rawest form, devoid of luxuries like carpets, electric windows or a radio. Not that you need a soundtrack to distract you from that thunderous 2.9-liter, turbocharged V8 bellowing behind you. It was also the first car to use Kevlar carbon panels all in aim the of saving weight to enhance the driving experience.

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It's hard not to envy racing drivers. After all, they get to realize their passion for driving and race cars at speeds we can only dream about and call it their job. Remember, this is someone who has been making a living out of driving race cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT3, Ferrari 488 GTE, and Porsche 911 GT3 RSR on a regular basis for the last ten years, so having such an experienced race driver say that the road-going F40 can still put modern supercars to shame 30 years on is very high praise indeed.

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