The Ferrari F40 Has Just Joined The Million-Dollar-Car Club


The iconic supercar joins an elite group.

The past couple of years has seen a stratospheric rise in the Ferrari F40's stock, and last weekend this crystalized with the auction sale of a one-owner F40 for 1.12 million Euros, or around $1.2 million. Coys made the sale at its 43rd AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix in Nurburgring, Germany, and claims this is a record price paid for an F40. That might be the case in auction, as F40s have almost certainly exchanged hands for more privately. The premium paid for this particular example is a result of its single-owner status.

The F40 has been in the hands of an Italian family since it was built in 1992. Ferrari built just 1,315 units of the car that was at one point the fastest, most powerful, and more expensive Ferrari road car. The F40 may have joined the million-dollar-car club, put it still represents a sound investment.

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