The Ferrari F512 M Was The Final Incarnation Of The Testarossa, And This One Could Be Yours

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No flip-up headlights. Weird, isn't it?

The Testarossa was a huge success for Ferrari. Though the company enjoyed big volume success with V8 models before, most notably with the 308, no V12 flagship model had ever sold in these kinds of numbers before. But after staying in production for so long, the Testarossa was clearly getting dated, and something new was needed for the Nineties. So while Ferrari worked on the 550 Maranello, this reworked version of the Testarossa was used as a placeholder.

And though the F512 M is clearly based off the Tesarossa, it would be wrong to write it off as just a facelift. Ferrari went through and updated hundreds of little details, from the engine to the suspension to the appearance both inside and out. Externally, these cars are easy to tell apart from other Testarossa variants, as they have round taillights and fixed headlights. The car marked the end of not only the Testarossa line but also of Ferrari's flat-12 engines, which had been coaxed to produce 440 horsepower in this incarnation. Only a few hundred units were made, and this 1995 model will be sold by RM Auctions at its Amelia Island sale in March.

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