Track Car

The Ferrari FXX K Is Still The King Of Supercars In The Rain

Hear its V12 roar!

At approximately$3 million a piece, with over 1,035 hp and the ability to create nearlyhalf a ton of downforce, the Ferrari FXX K is a hypercar that’s all about massivenumbers. The hypercar is a track weapon that can demolish anything in its path.Unfortunately, Ferrari doesn’t plan to use the FXX K for competition, so thisvideo of the hypercar lapping a wet Spa Francorchamps may be the most difficultfeat the vehicle faces. But we’re not complaining, because we can listen to theglorious thing all day.

Turn up yourspeakers and make sure that your headphones are at a suitable volume, becausethere’s a furious V12 waiting for you below.

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