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The Ferrari Pseudo-Supercar: Fahrradi Farfalla FFX Official Debut Video

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As soon as this video starts, you can tell something just isn’t right.

Ferrari replicas are few and far between, however the Fahrradi Farfalla, based on the FFX, could be one of the funniest spoofs we have seen in a long time. Check out the German team's latest creation straight from the mad scientists.

The Ferrari FFX-based bicycle features pedals for two riders and looks pretty good on the road. It doesn't, however, really fly - so don't let the gullwing doors fool you. The name Fahrradi comes from the German word for bicycle, "Fahrrad" and is made from light tubes and adhesives. A lightweight aluminum frame supports the pseudo-supercar and its impressive doors. The team has also released a photo gallery of their knock-off, so enjoy the official photos below.

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