The Ferrari Purosangue Will Be A Sweet-Sounding SUV

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We're not sure if those are V8 or V12 noises coming out the back.

The Ferrari Purosangue looks like a lifted Ferrari FF. At least, when it's moving at speed with other cars on the road it does. We've seen camouflaged versions of the Ferrari SUV before, but it's a little tough to get a sense of scale from a car so heavily clad in camo. We've even seen the full car, sans camo, at the factory in Maranello before. But then it was on an assembly line with not so much as a banana for scale.

The new Prancing Horse was recently spotted on public roads and the footage certainly gives us a new sense of how big the brand's first-ever SUV is going to get. In short, it's really not all that big. As SUVs and crossovers continue to get bigger and bigger (looking at you Hummer EV), we won't say no to a smaller SUV, especially one that's rumored to have a V12 under the hood.

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It's tough to tell what engine is under the hood of the vehicle in the video, but it sounds big. Newer Ferrari engines (at least the smaller turbo ones) often sound slightly more muted than the big V12 that lives in the Ferrari 812. At least on sound alone, this footage doesn't lead us to rule out that powerplant. However, our money is still on Ferrari's 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8, which powers the Roma.

As for the styling, it doesn't look like much has changed since the car was leaked. The structure of the grille is identical to the leaked images, and the test wheels we saw in our spy shots are still present. Around back, quad-exit exhausts remain, and that layout likely won't change before the car makes its debut. We can also make out the car's massive diffuser hiding under the camo, another unchanged feature.

CarBuzz Wheel Ferrari Rear View Ferrari
Rear View

Let's circle back to size for a moment. It's tough to tell, as both cars are headed uphill and away from the camera, but the ride height doesn't look to be that much taller than a Renault Twingo. A brand new Twingo is only around 60 inches high, so this Ferrari should keep the low-slung profile the brand is known for.

Should the Purosangue pack the V8 from the Roma, we expect power levels to come up accordingly. As of now, the Roma produces 612 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque. In the world of super SUVs, that's a fairly middling number. Regardless, we're sure there is going to be plenty of "Ferrari" to compensate, supposing those numbers stay the same. For now, deliveries of the Purosangue are expected to begin in 2023, with the debut coming sometime before that.

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