Ferrari Reveals The Name Of Its All-New SUV

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Good luck trying to pronounce it.

Ferrari recently announced its future plans, confirming that 15 new models are in the pipeline between now and 2022. Many of them will be hybrids, and one of them will have a new body style. Yes, we're talking about Ferrari's first ever SUV.

During its investors' meeting, Ferrari's CEO Louis Carey Camilleri confirmed the SUV will be called the Purosangue, which is Italian for "thoroughbred." In other words, it will still deliver the driving dynamics Ferrari is renowned for.

Previously, the Purosangue was expected to go on sale by 2020 to compete with the Lamborghini Urus and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but it has now been delayed until closer to 2022. Camilleri said the delay will enable Ferrari "to get it perfect."

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Don't go calling it an SUV, though. Ferrari is still describing the Purosangue as a four-door utility vehicle codenamed the FUV (Ferrari utility vehicle). "I abhor hearing SUV in the same sentence as Ferrari," Camilleri told investors. "As a die hard Ferrarista, I was a little skeptical when the concept was first voiced at the board. Having now seen the wonderful design and the extraordinary features I am a hugely enthusiastic supporter."

Camilleri also provided some new technical details about the Italian automaker's first SUV. Buyers will be able to choose from a purely internal combustion engine or a hybrid. It will be Ferrari's first car to feature a five-door body, but will have a sleek coupe-style shape that will be smaller than its main rival, the Lamborghini Urus.

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The Purosangue will ride on Ferrari's new Front Mid Engine Architecture, which will feature a front-mounted engine positioned behind the wheels and a dual-clutch gearbox at the rear. This setup will provide better weight distribution. All-wheel drive will also be supported, while hybrids will send electric boost to the back wheels.

While purists may scoff at the idea of Ferrari launching a luxury SUV, Ferrari claims it will be the fastest and best-handling vehicle in its class. Crucially, it will also help the automaker boost profits to produce more supercars. Camilleri told investors the aim is to double profits to $2.38 billion by 2022.

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