The Ferrari SUV Is Going To Reimagine Climate Control Too

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Modern problems require modern solutions.

Ferrari has been having an excellent 2021 so far, and with new releases like the 296 GTB, it's unlikely that the Modena-based automaker will be having any trouble maintaining its positive momentum. In fact, Ferrari is looking to really shake things up and push ahead with mainstream commercial success with its first-ever SUV in the Purosangue. That car is yet to be revealed, but in the meantime, a recently discovered patent for Ferrari could be for a new innovation that will be first seen in the Purosangue. This new patent, filed with the European Patent Office and discovered by a user on Ferrari 296 Forum where Lamborghini's new convertible roof was also discovered, is for a smart air conditioning system that is unlike any we've seen before.

European Patent Office European Patent Office

This new system uses thermal cameras to read the temperatures of different parts of the cabin, along with that of each passenger's body. The system also takes into account a person's sex, body shape, and clothing, and uses all this data to calculate the optimum flow, circulation, temperature, and direction of the air coming from the climate control system's "nozzles" - or "plurality of ventilation devices", as Ferrari's patent calls them - in order to make each passenger as comfortable as possible,

To be clear, there has been no official indication of where this technology may end up, or if it will even make production at any point.

European Patent Office European Patent Office

However, the patent diagrams suggest a two-row vehicle, and until the GTC4Lusso has a successor named, the only such vehicle in the Ferrari lineup that we know of is the Purosangue. This new SUV will be a major departure from what a Ferrari has typically represented in the past, but will still maintain values like excellent performance and innovative technology. A climate control system that can automatically figure out exactly how to make you as comfortable as possible would certainly make sense in the competitive super SUV market, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what Ferrari's plans for this new idea may be.

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