The Ferrari SUV Will Have Invisible Rear Doors

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Because Ferraris aren't supposed to have rear doors, right?

A couple of weeks ago, word got out that Ferrari will be doing what it once said it'd never do, launch an SUV. Turns out customer demand for luxury SUVs (see: Lamborghini) has forced Ferrari's hand. Anyway, at the time we learned the SUV, due to arrive in 2021 as a replacement for the GTC4 Lusso, will be more of a "soft-roader" and probably won't be capable of serious off-roading. But the very idea of a four-door Ferrari, let alone an SUV, likely won't sit well with the brand's many loyal customers and longtime fans.

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But Autocar has learned that this set of rear doors won't be visible. So, invisible rear doors? Kind of. Autocar recently spoke with Ferrari commercial boss Enrico Galliera who explained the automaker has figured out "a clever hidden arrangement" for those doors. That's what Ferrari investors, some of whom may have SUV concerns of their own, have also been told. The SUV, currently internally called FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle), has been described as a "five-door, high-riding coupe" with suicide doors and no B-pillar. Assuming that remains to be true, that would explain the invisible rear door concept.

The FUV will also take advantage of the GTC4 Lusso's all-wheel-drive system and aluminum architecture, although both will undoubtedly be updated to a degree. Under the hood, expect a gasoline V8 or, for the first time since the LaFerrari, a gas-electric V8 combo. No V12 will be offered, unfortunately. Pricing will begin at around $350,000. Production will be capped at around 2,000-3,000 units a year, a factor that'll surely contribute to Ferrari's goal of doubling its total sales to around 16,000 units annually by the start of the next decade. China, not at all surprisingly, is expected to be one of the FUV's most popular markets.

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