The Ferrari Testarossa From 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Is Up For Grabs

This is the car he didn't crash.

Whocould forget the iconic Ferrari Testarossa from the 1980s? The beastly V12monster made almost 400 horsepower from its five liters yet only ran the quarter mile in just over 13 seconds. Surely back then it would take alittle more to impress people, but now this particular Testarossa is aspectacle to behold as it was owned by a beast in the form of a wolf.Jordan Belfort, recently portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall Street" bought this Ferrari new in 1991. Not a Ferrari like this one, but this exactFerrari.

Since Belfort’s ownership it’s been in the hands of two collectors who have kept the car pristine. It now resides in Monaco, with 8,300 miles on the odometer. It even has original service books, its tool set, an original handbook, and a set of matching luggage that’s presumably brand new. This car is such a big deal you can’t even see the price online. You need to ask for it. How lame is that? It's hard to estimate where this one will land. One of the Testarossas from the television show "Miami Vice" was once priced at a ludicrous $1.75 million. There’s no telling what Belfort’s Ferrari will go for, but it’ll probably be more than its original price tag which sat around $350,000.

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