The Ferrari V12 is Apparently Safe (For Now)

The F12 replacement will actually be more sports car than GT.

Turbocharging will soon become the norm at Ferrari for many new models. The heavily facelifted 458, due next year, will also be making the switch to a twin-turbo V8. Power and performance will be up, as will fuel efficiency. Times change and Ferrari must adapt. Fortunately, however, Ferrari is still fully committed to its V12, that wonderful 6.3-liter unit that currently powers the F12 and FF. It’s also used in the LaFerrari, although it’s hooked up to an electric motor.

Interestingly, that alone may just be the ticket to keeping that V12 alive. Ferrari is currently planning its next generation front-engine cars, and keeping the V12 is a huge selling point. But because of those global emissions standards, additional measures need to be taken, hence the LaFerrari serving as a test bed. The F12 is due to receive some updates in 2016, but the engine itself won’t be altered much. Power will go up slightly, but the more significant change won’t happen until the F12 successor arrives, probably around mid-2018. That’s when electrification is really going to come into play. Fortunately, sources claim the F12 successor will be even more of a serious sports car and less of a GT.

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