The FF Wasn't The First Time Ferrari Thought Of Building A Four-Seat Funk Mobile


It was the 70s. Weird ideas happened then.

From the moment it was unveiled in 2011, the Ferrari FF has been somewhat controversial. Not everyone is a fan of its shooting brake three-door body style. But it does have a 6.3-liter V12 and four seats that help make it one of the best grand tourers on sale today. There's nothing else quite like it, with one exception: the Pininfarina-styled Ferrari Studio CR 25. In fact, the CR 25 predated the FF by nearly four decades when it premiered at the 1974 Turin Motor Show.

It was actually Pininfarina's first concept car designed in its new wind tunnel. The idea was to have a large, front-engined four-seater with a minimum drag coefficient. With the use of that new wind tunnel, designers managed a low air resistance of 0.256, hence its name. Power came courtesy of the Ferrari BB's 4.9-liter flat 12. And here's a batch of vintage photos showing off the CR 25. Camels must have been a thing back then.

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