The Final US-Spec McLaren P1 Is Heading To Auction

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The hypercar is expected to go for $2.2 million.

With production for the McLaren P1 officially coming to an end earlier this month, prices for the hypercar have gone through the roof. All 375 units of the P1 have been accounted for, which means that finding a well-maintained version of the supercar with low miles isn't necessarily easy. One extremely lucky enthusiast now has the opportunity to purchase chassis number 371 out of 375, which was the last ever P1 built for the American market, as it is up for grabs at a Bonham's auction on January 28th.

The Alaskan Diamond-finished supercar only has 234 miles on it and is in pristine condition. Bonhams estimates that the hypercar will go for between $1.9 million to $2.2 million thanks to its extremely low mileage and special chassis number. While the hypercar's expected price tag isn't the highest we've ever seen, it's still much more than the base MSRP of $1.15 million. While we usually tend to agree with Bonham's expected prices, we think that this hypercar will end up going for more than $2 million. The owner of the P1 is cashing in on an excellent investment, but prices for the P1 will continue to rise.

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