The First $156,000 Acura NSX Has Been Wrecked Thanks To A Bee

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Is this guy telling the truth or covering up his mistake?

Taiwan is one of the unluckier countries when it comes to supercar allocation. Only nine Honda NSXs (outside of the US the car loses its Acura badge for a large chrome "H") were slated to be delievered to the island nation. Actually, make that eight. According to Downshift, one of Taiwan's NSXs has met its demise under slightly questionable conditions. Luckily for Taiwanese owners, the car, which bears the chassis number "000," may not actually be a production model but instead a test car for journalists.

The poor mid-engine supercar was crashed while on a test drive in New Taipei City at the hands of what is sure to be a very humiliated journalist. While the damage doesn't look too bad, what hurts worse is knowing that this is likely one of the first crashes (at least the first publicized crash) of the new NSX. Having that claim to fame is not the kind of title that any journalist wants on their resume. Nobody is sure if the tale is true, but as the story goes, 27 year-old Hu, the alleged journalist driving at the time of the crash, was taking the 500-horsepower hybrid supercar for a test drive and just happened to have the windows down. A bee flew into the cabin and then all hell broke loose. We think.

The panicked bee proceeded to sting Hu on the neck, making him lose control of the car and plow its nose into a concrete barrier. Luckily the only thing damaged was the NSX, although the bee (if it existed) is now dead and Hu's neck is likely in some pain. To make sure the driver wasn't telling a lie to cover up a bigger crime, police gave him a field sobriety test and found him to be clean. No mention on whether or not his neck had signs of a bee sting, but Hu is probably screwed even if the whole thing went down as he said. After all, it's hard to get called back for a test drive after wrecking an automaker's prized flagship. On the positive end, at least no customer cars were harmed. Photos courtesy of Cool Cars.

Check out the aftermath for yourself and let us know if you think this NSX is salvageable.


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