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The First C8 Corvette Crash Ain't Pretty

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Put it this way: this was not a crash test.

Well folks, it has happened. It was only a matter of time. What you’re about to see in the video below is the aftermath of the first (documented) C8 Corvette crash. The good news is there does not appear to be any injuries, despite the fact that the Corvette’s airbags deployed. The bad news is the damage is probably not repairable. Even if it could be, the insurance company would likely prefer to consider this as a write-off. The short but painful YouTube video comes to us courtesy of Corvette Nut.

It looks like it was shot somewhere in California judging by the mountain roads and terrain. The totaled C8 was reportedly part of a convoy other C8s and various GM models, some of which you can see parked on the side of the road.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know the precise circumstances that led to the crash, but some reports claim the C8 clipped the rear end of a white SUV while both were driving on a sharp corner. Who was at fault? We don’t know. However, if you look carefully at the C8’s roof you’ll notice a GoPro. If it was turned on then chances are it captured the crash.

Twisty mountain roads like this can be a challenge for inexperienced drivers. Heck, even experienced ones have to deal with the same sharp curves and hills. If you’re driving too fast when the vehicle directly in front of you suddenly stops short for whatever reason, then you’re in trouble. Based on what we see here, that might have been the exact scenario. Wouldn’t be surprised, quite honestly.

The all-new 2020 Corvette is the mid-engined sports car Chevrolet has been dying to build for decades. It’s probably a blast to drive thanks to better distribution. Perhaps it’s a bit too much fun to drive, as the driver in question may have learned here today. But hey, at least the airbags work just fine.