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The First Chinese Automaker To Sell Cars In The US Will Be...

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Finally you can get that Chinese crossover you've always wanted.

Reuters is reporting that Chinese automaker Geely is gearing up for a push into the US and Europe. The report cites two unnamed sources from within the company, both of who are said to be senior executives, although one recently departed the firm. The plan is to develop a small CUV with Volvo that will hit China in 2017, select European countries a year or two later, before eventually hitting the US. The car will be the first to use the Common Modular Architecture (CMA).

CMA will see Volvo and Geely sharing both a platform and engine designs. Remember that Geely owns Volvo and already co-designed a car with it, the GC9. While the Chinese automaker will use it to launch a new model, Volvo plans to leverage CMA to update its smaller cars. The CUV is expected to be offered with a gas engine in China and as a hybrid (initially) in Europe. A first glimpse of Geely's world-beating crossover is expected in 2016 at one of two auto shows: Geneva or Beijing.

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