The First Chinese Supercar Is Coming Thanks To Some Italian Expertise

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When in doubt, call in the experts.

Despite showcasing two of the most interesting vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, China's Techrules is still a brand that's associated with a fair bit of skepticism. Many prospective supercar makers have fallen as a result of being over-ambitious, and a product plan that involves two turbine-based 'TREV' vehicles is about as exacting as things get in the motoring world. Such doubt may be misplaced, though, as Automotive News is claiming quite a few seasoned car people are now playing a part in bringing the TREVs to market.

With such a complex powertrain to produce, it's no surprise that Techrules has been scouting out an engineering partner for the road-going GT96 version of the vehicle - with the partner in question being none other than LM Gianetti. For those of you who may not know a huge amount about the Italian company, LM Gianetti has a long history of developing advanced racing cars and technologies, with the Lancia 037, Lancia Delta S4, the P4/5 Competizione and even the new Abarth 124 rally car being on Gianetti's resume. With a back catalog like that, LM Gianetti should have no problems with turning the GT96 into a terrific turbine-powered reality. A great supercar can be scuppered by its styling, though.

So, even though its Geneva show cars were actually quite attractive, Techrules has decided to hire the Italian design studio GFG Progetti. Again, this one's likely a name you've never heard of before, but chances are you're aware of its co-founder, Giorgetto Guigaro. Yes, that's right: perhaps the most accomplished automotive designer alive today is involved in crafting the aesthetic of the new Techrules cars. How different the GFG design will be to the original show cars remains to be seen, though you can expect a sizeable departure from the original concept car. After all, what's the point in bringing Guigaro on board if all he's going to do is tweak details here and there?

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