The First-Ever BMW M3 Wagon Will Look Like This

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We can't wait.

It's barely been five minutes since BMW shocked the world by announcing that the rumors of an upcoming M3 wagon are true. The entire Bimmer community has gone into a frenzy, and speculation abounds as to whether the car will be available with a manual gearbox and whether RWD will be available. Alas, we already know it won't be offered in the States. Judging by the homemade F81 M3 and E91 M3 models that some have built from scratch, an M3 wagon will be exceptionally popular. So what would the upcoming M3 look like with a big booty? Rendering artist @zer.o.wt has teamed up with BMW Blog to provide a potential answer.


First and foremost, we have to mention the grilles, yet again. Assuming that the G8X series of M cars all come with the polarizing face, a huge grille will be inevitable. However, although the rendering looks pretty realistic, it also looks a little messy. Then again, we have to wait until next month for the full reveal of the G80 and G82 models, so it could become neater. The artist also imagines the car with a large fender vent, while a massaged hood and sculpted mirrors finish the look. Presumably, the real thing will have larger rear fenders too.

Since it is only expected to arrive in two years, it will likely be based on the facelifted G8X series, which would mean new headlights and wheels with massaged fascias, so even after we see the new M3 sedan, we won't know exactly what the wagon will look like. What we do know is that development test drives at the Nurburgring start this month.

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With cars like the Audi RS6 Avant offering a way for enthusiasts to have their cake and eat it, an M3 wagon sounds incredible. However, it took a very long time for us to get the RS6 here, and with America's love for wagons moving more into a love for SUVs, we can't help but wonder if BMW has left this a little too late. Still, at the end of the day, cars like this will always have a demand in some markets and if BMW gets the pricing right, it may yet prove to be extremely popular. Here's hoping we can get enough support for the wagon to be brought here.

Source Credits: BMW Blog

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