The First Ever Ferrari LaFerrari Is Up For Sale For $10 Million

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There's always something special about the first in a production run.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is arguably one of the best looking cars to come out of the Italian supercar makers stable and with it's limited edition production run totalling just 499 models, it's one of those cars that promises to not only hold it's value but to appreciate in value as time goes by. A quick scan of the classifieds reveals that the LaFerrari can be had for an average of around $3,000,000 give or take a few hundred thousand. This one is listed for a fair bit more than that, and it's not the first time either.

When the Ferrari LaFerrari was released, it could be had for around $1,400,000 which was a bargain price in hindsight. A while back, we saw a black example for sale here in the US priced at $5,000,000, and many lost their minds because of the inflation over list price. The original listing we saw of the special 1/499 model LaFerrari was seen on eBay and even though it's the most special of the bunch, it was listed at "just" $3,800,000. Most thought that to be some sort of scam, heck we even recommended going for the black one over this one as it seemed way more legit. It looks like someone did but the first LaFerrari though, either that or the owner banked on more appreciation for the car.


Of course some cars appreciate in value better than others, and the LaFerrari seems to be part of that list. Seen for sale in Luxemborg at Garage Pereira Guillaume SA, that 1/499 LaFerrari now sports just over 1,000 miles on the odometer, showing it's possibly only put on mileage driving between dealerships. The biggest change to the car is the price tag, which has increased by a whopping $6,200,000 for the last listing. So if you want that special, unicorn-like first edition of the Italian hypercar, be prepared to fork over at least $10,000,000. We'd love to know if the original owner managed to hold on to it for a while before this listing or if someone is about to make over $6,000,000 on a single deal.

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