The First Ford GTX1 Ever Made Has Just Popped Up For Sale In The Middle East

Because a convertible in the desert is a good idea.

The Ford GTX1 is a rare bird. Yes, it’s based on the Ford GT from the 2000s but look at its roof. Yup, it’s a convertible with roof panels that can be removed in either a T-top or targa configuration. What’s more is that Top Line Motors, the Dubai shop that has it for sale, claims it’s the first GTX1 ever built and clocks in at “0 kilometers” on the odometer. Those are some lofty claims but we can confirm that this GTX1 shares the same livery as the original GTX1 that debuted at SEMA 2005, so there’s that.

Whether or not it’s the first and whether or not it has zero kilometers is a problem for its future owner. Rest assured, this thing will find a buyer as its ECU has been tuned and a new exhaust has been added to give it 700 bhp. It also sits lower than the original GT. If everything Top Line Motors claims about this GTX1 is true then its $460,095 price tag is a steal. Hell, it’s a pretty fair deal even if not.

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