The First Koenigsegg Ever Built Was An Immediate Masterpiece Of Awesome

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It's just how things work in Sweden.

It all began in late 1999 when Christian von Koenigsegg set out to build his first supercar. The goal was to surpass the standards set by the McLaren F1 only a couple of years prior. The Swedish supercar builder itself was founded in 1994, but it took a few years to actually produce a prototype. It wasn't until 2002 when the first production-spec Koenigsegg was delivered. But let's look back at the CC prototype itself, revealed in 1996.

A few images of it have once again popped up online and we wanted to share them with everyone. Did anyone think that, back in '96, Koenigsegg would become the world-class hypercar builder and technology hub it is today? Photos courtesy of "Foebane3" via Imgur.

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