The First McLaren P1 Ever Sold To The Public Has The Craziest Paint Job Ever

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It's technically not paint. Also, the car is going up for auction.

Mecum's 2016 Monterey auction is the place to be if you want to purchase rare hypercars in exotic colors. First we learned that a Ferrari LaFerrari in Nero DS Opaco, aka matte black, was going up for sale. Only three of those exist, making them slightly more common than this stunning green McLaren P1. This P1 is actually the second one off the line and the first one that was ever sold to the public. McLaren kept the first car for obvious ceremonial and historical reasons.

The most awesome thing about this P1 is obviously its unique color. This look was achieved not through painting but through first tinting the exposed carbon fiber body and then covering it in a coat of green lacquer. The end result is a look unlike any else, with the green theme continuing to the wheels and into the cabin. Aside from the unique look the P1 is in mint condition with just 576 miles on it. Personally we don't know how anyone could just put 576 miles on a hybrid hypercar that makes 903 horsepower and can race to 218 mph, (1 mph faster than the LaFerrari). We put almost 200 miles on a few-steps-down McLaren 650S Spider in just three days. There's a good chance the original owner saw the car as an investment, though.

If so, it looks like the purchase is about to pay off as Mecum is pegging the auction price between $2.5 and $3 million. Only 375 P1s were made and each cost $1.15 million at launch. Like the LaFerrari in matte black we expect this supercar to cost a pretty penny. Its rarity, unique color and the nature of an auction should help it easily capture $2.5 million, if not $3 million or more.

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