The First McLaren Senna Owner Will Actually Drive The Car

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But how will they flip the car for a profit if it has miles on it?

When it comes to limited edition hypercars, we've become a bit jaded recently. Just pick any limited-run, multi-million dollar hypercar, and we'll show you an owner who simply put it away in a garage so they can sell it later for a profit. With a limited run of just 500 units, the McLaren Senna is bound to have more than a few owners who never use it to its full potential, but fortunately, the very first Senna owner won't be one of them.

The first Senna with the chassis number 001 was presented to owner David Kyte by McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt, in a special ceremony at the McLaren Technology Center. The car is painted in Anniversary White with a bespoke Aurora Blue livery commissioned by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Immediately after taking delivery, Kyte took his car on a 1,400-km (870-mile) road trip to Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France with three other McLaren Sennas, a 720S, and a 600LT in convoy.

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The other drivers included racing driver (and nephew of Ayrton Senna) Bruno Senna, McLaren Automotive Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Jens Ludmann, and McLaren Ultimate Series Vehicle Line Director, Andy Palmer. At the track, Kyte will participate in a "Pure McLaren driving experience," which should involve using the Senna for what it was made to do: lap a track as quickly as possible. We applaud Kyte for treating his car as something other than an investment piece and actually putting some miles on his rare hypercar.

Even with some miles on it, Senna 001 should be worth big money some day due to its unique design elements. The car has plenty of homages to Ayrton Senna, including his signature on the door, the years that he was Formula One World Champion engraved on the throttle pedal, and the layout of the Interlagos circuit in São Paulo, Brazil (with the McLaren badge acting as the start/finish line) on the front of the car.

"I committed to buying a McLaren Senna as soon as I became aware that McLaren was developing the car – so long before the name was confirmed - but leaving the McLaren Technology Center after the handover ceremony was the first time I have actually driven one," said Mr. Kyte. "Now, with 1,400 km covered, I'm delighted to report that as someone who rates driver engagement as crucial to driver enjoyment, the Senna has more than exceeded my expectations."

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