The First New Top Gear Footage Has Arrived Starring Joey Tribbiani

Sorry, we meant Matt LeBlanc.

The revamped Top Gear will debut on the BBC next month, so naturally people are getting pretty excited to see the new hosts and format. How much will it differ from the Top Gear we used to know? Can we get used to a total of six and instead of the usual three hosts? To help build up that hype in the US, BBC America has just released this new clip featuring co-host Matt LeBlanc getting down and dirty in an Ariel Nomad. Ariel is most typically known for the street-legal track-tastic Atom, and the Nomad is clearly cut from the same cloth.

Only it’s an off-roader, without doors, as LeBlanc points out and struggles with. If this revamped Top Gear isn’t to your liking, Clarkson, Hammond, and May will be back on the air this fall on Amazon Prime. So there’s that. For now, enjoy Joe Tribbiani.

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