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The First Nissan 350Z Ever Built Can Be Yours

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It's only been driven 173 miles in its whole life.

First launched in 2002, the 350Z isn't the most fabled car in the Nissan Z car's 48-year history. Some don't consider it a worthy successor to the lightweight 240Z principally because it was overweight, weighing some 1,000 pounds more than the original Z car. Its drastically different styling also proved to be polarizing. Nevertheless, it's still a significant car in Nissan's history that marked the return of the Z car after the 300ZX was discontinued in 1996, and paved the way for the 370Z which is still being sold today eight years after its initial launch.

First spotted by Jalopnik, Nissan enthusiasts may want to pay a visit to Texas dealer Don Davis Nissan, which claims to be selling the first Nissan 350Z to ever roll off the production line wearing serial number "000001". Even if it didn't have such historical significance, this is still one of the best examples of the 350Z you're ever likely to find. It only has 173 miles on the clock so it's barely been driven, and the interior looks immaculate. You also know it's been owned by a true Nissan enthusiast because it comes equipped with the Track package which adds Brembo brakes, lightweight Ray performance 18-inch alloy wheels, limited-slip differential, aluminum pedals, and a rear spoiler.

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It still packs the same original 3.5-liter V6 producing 287-horsepower as it did when it left the factory, which is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Despite allegedly being the first Nissan 350Z ever built, the asking price isn't extortionate – it could be yours for $48,500, which is $2,000 cheaper than a brand new Nismo 370Z.