The First Pagani Cinque Shows its Greatness

Check out this Pagani Cinque Roadster, number one of five, as its V12 revs and rear exhaust spits flames.

Pagani regularly claims that it’s done building Zondas and will focus its time entirely on the new Huayra. Thing is, there still seems to be plenty of wealthy buyers who want a Zonda added to their collection. Only time will tell whether Horatio Pagani has fully ceased Zonda production. Globe-trotting car spotter Shmee150 recently traveled to the Pagani factory in Modena to find out and to soak in the immaculate Zonda Cinque Roadster up close.

Just 10 Cinques were built, five with and five without fixed roofs. Power comes from a V12 that produces 669 horsepower and is paired with a six-speed gearbox. The video below shows car number one of five. Listen to it rev and see some flames shoot out from the quad-exhaust. It’s a wonderful thing.

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