The First Performance Car By Polestar Will Look Like This


Someone has put the puzzle pieces together to preview Polestar's first performance car.

In just under a week, Polestar will be revealing its first performance car as a standalone brand following its split from Volvo as a performance division, effectively becoming Sweden's answer to Mercedes-AMG and BMW M. Details are still sketchy at this stage, but we know that all will be revealed on October 17. In the run up to its reveal, Polestar has been sharing snippets of its new performance car on Instagram as part of a novel teaser campaign where each photo is part of an elaborate jigsaw puzzle.

Inevitably, some people with Photoshop skills have already put the existing pieces together, but vvmasterdrfan has gone one step further and attempted to fill in the blanks. The final render image took three hours to complete, giving us a better idea of what the car will look like ahead of its world debut. We still only have the car's rear for reference, but the render shows that Polestar's first car shares similarities with the S90, including its signature boomerang taillights, and dual exhausts. It also looks strikingly similar to the Volvo Concept Coupe that debuted back in 2013. That car was achingly stunning, so we wouldn't complain if Polestar's upcoming performance coupe shares any other similarities.

Performance details are still being kept under wraps for now, but reports suggest that Polestar's coupe will adopt a hybrid powertrain from the Volvo XC90 T8 delivering around 600 horsepower. Whether the car that will we'll see next week will be a concept or a production car remains to be seen, but we'll find out more about Polestar's future plans next week.


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