The First Photos of the Voice-Commanded VW eT! Van in Action

The VW eT! van comes when you call it and makes delivering what-have-you all the more simple.

Last week, we ran the first photos that arrived with the announcement of Volkswagen, Deutsche Post and the University of Art at Braunschweig's collaboration, the Volkswagen eT! commercial delivery van. What made this van so special wasn't just its four electric motors, but its ability to respond to voice commands and actually come when you call it. The futuristic tech allows the vehicle to respond to the delivery person and obey their instructions.

Those include following the person from house to house or return to the person's location via wrist communication system. The driver can also direct the car's movements via a 'drivestick' from the passenger's side that also offers a standing seat and quick access to the vehicle. On the passenger's side, the working area of the delivery person, there is an electronic opening sliding door that opens to 2 different stages; this enables extremely quick entry into the vehicle as well as quick access to the mail parcels.

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