The First Porsche 911 Turbo Could Fit 40 Bottles Of Beer On Its Rear Wing

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Germans are awesome.

There's certainly no shortage of extremely rare and expensive Porsches, some of which you might not even be aware of. For example, did you know that the original 911R debuted back in 1967? Porsche is back with a bonus episode of sorts of its Top 5 series, only this one is more like a Top 3. It's still interesting and, not to mention, acoustically wonderful. So if you've found yourself spending far too many hours wondering and debating what the most wanted Porsches in existence are, you can stop now because Porsche has decided for you.

All three of these cars, if they were to come to auction, would go for serious bank. No doubt there are heaps of wealthy collectors willing to pay whatever it would take to own any of them. So which three are they? First up is that original 1967 911 R. Just 19 examples were made, and like today's version, performance was the main focus.

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If you're looking for one of the most desirable of the classic body shell 911s, this is certainly one of them. Next up is the 917 30 Spyder race car, supposedly the most powerful Porsche ever produced. How powerful? Try 1,100 hp. No hybrid setup, but it is turbocharged. Still, it sounds, in a word, epic. Lastly, there's the "Whale Tail" 930 Turbo. While English speakers have given this nickname to the first generation 911 Turbo, the Germans have a far better name for it (and for good reason): the Beer Counter. Why? Because that rear wing is big enough to for 40 bottles of beer. They're Germans, and simply couldn't help themselves when combining two of their favorite things, the Porsche 911 and beer.

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