The First Truck Carroll Shelby Ever Put His Stamp On Is Up For Sale

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This is example No. 664. No, it's not a Ford.

Many people know Carroll Shelby exclusively for his custom cars and collaboration with Ford. However, the iconic American tuner also did a bit of work with Dodge back in the day. In fact, it's fair to say that Shelby helped usher in the age of the performance truck with his Shelby Dakota. The Dakota seen here is example 664, with only 1,500 produced in total. In terms of numbers this truck is a rarity, but unfortunately the same can't be said about what's under the hood. Just how bad is it?

Remember we're talking the late 1980s, meaning the insane engine figures we're used to now weren't even close to being the exception back then. Shelby dropped the stock V6 in favor of a 5.2-liter V8. Despite its size the engine only makes 175 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. It ran 0 to 60 mph in 8.0 seconds. But hey, it's rare, has a limited slip differential and a ton of Shelby decals and even a Shelby steering wheel! Seriously, though, this was the first rear-wheel drive V8 Shelby had made since the 1960s and this one in particular has held up well over the years. It has 127,400 miles and is going for $9,900 which isn't bad it's a piece of American truck, and Shelby, history.

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