The First Two People To Take Delivery Of The Ford GT May Surprise You


No, it's not a pair of celebrities.

We recently wrote about Ford making dreams come true by completing production of the first GT supercars in time for Christmas. Thanks to The Detroit News we know that Ford executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. and CEO Mark Fields will be the first two people on the planet to take delivery of the new GT. The buyer list is 500 names long and includes celebrities, professional video gamers and a bunch of anonymous, moneyed gearheads. The two head honchos at Ford managed to beat everyone out, though.

One big question we now have is, who spec'd which car? Both look great but the choice of black paint with orange racing stripes is brave and whoever chose it deserves to be commended. Ford could have easily made a big show of its first GT deliveries, kind of like how it made a show of the first cars to roll off the production line. It's kind of a shock the automaker didn't. Every update in the car's development saga, no matter how minute, drew a ton of attention. Celebrities will likely be the next in line as the automaker will want them to flood social media with news of their new car. One person we hope doesn't have to wait too long is Ford's Raj Nair, the man who mc'd the GT's launch event.

In addition to his hosting duties Nair is also responsible for overseeing the company's recent go-fast products, including the Focus RS and the ST models. If Nair did indeed put in an order for a new GT we hope he gets his in time for Christmas.

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