The First US-Bound Chinese Automaker Wants A New Name


Because sounding more American matters in America.

It hasn't happened yet but it will. And very soon. Chinese automakers have been dying to enter the highly lucrative US market, but so far none have been successful. The sole exception has been Geely, which gained access in a more indirect way by purchasing Volvo. And then there's GAC, the sole Chinese automaker to display its cars and a concept at this year's Detroit Auto Show. GAC is targeting a US market entry in late 2019, but according to The Drive, it won't call itself GAC (and not because of Trump).

A GAC spokesperson told The Drive at Detroit that development of a new name is going on now, and it will also leverage its J.D. Power ratings, which GAC says are the best among all other Chinese brands, to help gain the American buyer confidence. GAC is also in the process of setting up its dealership and service network, and it'll also take part in the National Automobile Dealers Association expo in Las Vegas in March. The key goal there is to find dealerships interested and willing to take on a Chinese brand. Now, which specific model is GAC, which will soon not be called GAC, be pushing the most, especially in Vegas?

The midsize GS8 SUV, which will likely have a starting price somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000. Americans love SUV crossovers and GAC is fully aware of that. GAC also plans to focus on entry-level models with a premium feel. "We are still at the planning phase," the GAC spokesperson said. "We know products with high quality are the foundation to gain the trust of American market. Based on that, we aim to provide premium vehicles at a reasonable price."

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