The Flying Spur Is So Old Bentley Is Asking Mulliner For Help Selling It

Special Edition

How many special edition models have to come out until none are special any more?

Time is the only real currency us mortal beings have. It’s why no one envies the rich business man that never has time with his kids and who would be happier if he traded places with the Salvadorian woman who’s raising them. It’s also, unbeknownst to most, the only form of happiness that money can buy. With money there’s less need to spend time working and a person can enjoy the smaller things in life like the flash of color on a suit lining or the vibrant stitching on a leather saddle.

Or at least that’s what Bentley thinks is what rich people spend their free time appreciating after an afternoon yoga session following their midday brunch. To help in that pursuit, the automaker tasked its in-house tuning division, Mulliner, with creating a series of 100 special edition Flying Spurs. The Design Series is available across the entire range, cladding the V8, W12, V8 S, and W12 S models with five interior and exterior color splits. Among these shades are Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, White, Kingfisher, and Azure Purple, all hand picked by the Mulliner team to invoke that aforementioned appreciation for stitching on saddle leather or the flash of color on a suit lining. Or whatever you’re into for that matter.

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New not just for Bentley but for the auto industry as a whole is a material comprised of carbon fiber that's been enriched with titanium, though despite what the press release claims, Pagani previously melded the two materials together to make what Horacio Pagani called “carbotanium.” But that was not enough for Bentley, which is why Mulliner threw in a new front bumper design for the two S models, a lower fine line up front, and LED Welcome Lamps that reflect the word “Mulliner” on the ground at night. For the top trim W12 S, Mulliner adds black bright ware around the headlamps and grille as well as 21-inch wheels painted in Gloss Black. Typical for Bentley, there’s no mention of the price. They just assume real customers won't have to ask.