The Ford Bronco And Ranger Could Be Making Glorious Returns Back To The US

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This news will definitely annoy Trump.

According to Bloomberg, Ford is considering reviving its Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup for the Ford US market. The Bronco has been gone since 1996 and the Ranger stopped production in 2011. Bloomberg's sources say the idea is still being kicked around by Ford but outside forces could help make it happen. The automaker is in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and one sticking point is that production of the Focus and C-Max might move to Mexico from Michigan after 2018.


This move would cost the UAW jobs-or at the very least hours-but there's an easy solution: Replace the two outgoing models at the Wayne, Michigan, factory with two new ones! Yes, Donald Trump, you may have Mexico and the UAW to thank for the revival of two of Ford's most iconic models. Now the Bronco has been dead for some time but the Ranger is still being sold globally. Of course the Ranger sold globally is a bit…different than the one Americans are used to, meaning that it likely won't be as simple as porting the current design over. As for the Bronco, an industry analyst told Bloomberg that the only way it makes business sense is if it targets Jeep. That's just fine with us.

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