The Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Will Be Cooler Than We Thought

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It's looking good so far.

The Ford Bronco has been released into the wild, and it is clear that people simply can't get enough of this retro-inspired off-roader. The waiting list for one of these machines isn't months, but years, and while Ford does its best to keep up with demand, it's already working on a hardcore Raptor version and numerous special editions, including the Heritage Edition. We recently confirmed that the Heritage Edition was on its way thanks to some leaked dealer documents, and now some more details have been revealed, including info on its styling and upgraded off-road parts.

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The Heritage Edition will reportedly come with special styling changes such as a white front grille and special four-slot wheels resembling the wheels that came on the original 1966 car. Heritage Edition cars will also be eligible for the badass Sasquatch Package. Thanks to leaked dealer documents, we know that the Bronco Heritage Edition will slot in above the Wildtrak, dispelling rumors that it would only be a package and not a full-on trim. The Bronco Heritage Edition will land in 2022 and will be joined by the Bronco Everglades and Bronco Raptor. We know that the Everglades Edition will feature tasty off-road bits such as a front-mounted winch and a snorkel for when you lose your wife in those pesky Florida swamps. The Bronco Raptor on the other hand will be a dedicated off-roader with massive 37-inch tires and heavy-duty suspension.

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The 2022 model year will also see a few general changes such as the ability to pair the Sasquatch package with the seven-speed manual transmission, a new front bumper option, a roof rack for four-door Sasquatch models, and the change from the standard hardtop to the soft top for the four-door Wildtrak. This is all pretty exciting, but it's not worth a damn if Ford can't deliver, and with those crazy waiting lists showing no signs of shortening anytime soon, we can't help but wonder if, not when, these new models will be available to the average American. Here's hoping it won't be long.

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