The Ford Bronco May Not Look Exactly Like We Thought

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Could it have a different grille?

After leaked images of the all-new Bronco appeared on the internet, Ford could not have been happy. But while we've seen what the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco will look like, there are still a number of details we don't know about it. Like when it will actually arrive. Ford was set to reveal the car by now but the coronavirus has pushed those plans to a later date. Before the Bronco is officially released, it appears we may still have more to see.

According to Ford Authority, the 2021 Bronco will be available with three different grille designs. This means the silver example shown in the leak might not be the only face we see on the new Bronco.

Full Size Bronco
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The leak showed us what is rumored to be called the "Modern" design grille, which is painted in black and features the word "BRONCO" spelled in capital letters. Another grille design will be called the "Classic" design and will harken back to Bronco models of the past. We aren't sure which of the five previous Bronco generations Ford will pull from here but we expect this grille to have the word "FORD" written across it instead of the Bronco name.

The Raptor Connection
The Raptor Connection
Bronco 6G

Finally, there will be a third grille design called "Custom." This design is expected to look more upscale than the others, meaning it could embrace a silver or chrome color scheme. It is still unclear if these grille options will be standalone options or if they will be tied to specific trim levels. The names of these grilles could also change by the time the Bronco is officially revealed.

The smaller 2021 Ford Bronco Sport will also have three unique grille designs that will be adapted for its softer design. Like with the full-size Bronco, we suspect the Bronco Sport in the leaks is wearing the "Modern" grille.

Bronco Sport Forum
Bronco Sport Forum
Bronco Sport Forum
Source Credits: Ford Authority

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