The Ford Crown Victoria Finally Goes the Way of the Dinosaurs

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RIP Ford Crown Victoria - 1979-2011. You will be remembered for speeding tickets and so much more.

It's official, the last Crown Victoria has finally rolled off the line at one of Ford's Canadian assembly plants. The iconic police cruiser is entering retirement, being replaced by such models as the Chevy Caprice, Ford Taurus Interceptor and Carbon Motors Carbon E7. We here at CarBuzz have been peering into our rearview mirrors since the mid-90s looking for the fear-inducing and wallet deflating distinctive headlights of the Crown Vic.

What actually did the law-enforcing cruiser in wasn't the shrieks of dismay the car has endured for the last quarter century, but actually its poor fuel-efficiency. The car only got 24mpg on the highway, the same number that large SUVs currently can match. "Production levels at the Canadian plant have declined by 60 percent in the last decade as customer preferences shifted to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles," said the American automaker. Ford and Chevy are set to battle it out for Police fleet supremacy, as the former's Taurus Interceptor will try to stave off the latter's Caprice.

So we say to you, Crown Victoria 1979-2011: RIP, we will miss having our faces slammed against your cold, hard hood.

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