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The Ford Fiesta America Wanted May Happen Everywhere But America

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Not cool, Ford. Not cool.

The Ford Fiesta is dead in America. That also means no next generation Fiesta ST. We confirmed this news some time ago, and Ford has since announced its other US market cars, the Focus, Fusion and Taurus, are also goners. Slight exception: the new Focus Active will be sold in the US because of its crossover-like resemblance. So no more Focus ST, Focus RS and next-gen Fiesta ST. The pain could deepen even further.

Australia's Motoring spoke to Ford Performance Europe chief Leo Roeks at the launch of the new Fiesta ST and inquired about the possibility of a Fiesta RS. "I can't tell you, but I'm very busy," were Roeks' words, which were said with a smile on his face. An all-wheel drive subcompact hot hatch with a six-speed manual and even more power than the FWD Fiesta ST? Yep. That's the Fiesta we wanted and also asked about not long after the first generation Fiesta ST debuted. We were told by Ford a Fiesta RS would not be possible because the AWD system would make the car too heavy. Plus, it was never engineered for AWD in the first place.

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However, our Ford source wouldn't rule out a Fiesta RS when the next generation arrived, but it was way too premature at the time to speculate. Fair enough. But now it may be happening, just not for America. The new Fiesta's platform, which is shared with the new EcoSport that's being sold in the US, can handle AWD. Perhaps we should just be thankful for the time we had, and still have, with the Fiesta ST.