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The Ford Fiesta Will Return For 2018

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Unfortunately this isn't the highly updated model that Europe will be getting.

In the US, we have said our goodbyes to the Ford Fiesta, a plucky little car that never stood a chance in a market dominated by larger sedans and crossovers. After a long hiatus for the small model, Ford starting selling the Fiesta in the US back in 2011. The Fiesta didn't do much to set it self apart from other sub-compact cars, but that all changed when Ford Performance came out with the Fiesta ST in 2014. This little hot hatch quickly became a performance bargain in the US, where it had almost no competition at its price.

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to keep the Fiesta ST alive in the US, and Ford announced that the model would not be replaced. Ford has already revealed an all-new Fiesta for Europe, including a new Fiesta ST with a smaller, 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. The European Fiesta ST keeps everything we loved about the old car, but has cleaned up some of the strange ergonomic issues on the interior. It may be down a cylinder on the old car, but power remains the same (197 hp) and torque has increased to 214 lb-ft. While Ford has already ruled out the arrival of the European car in the US, there have been some rumors that we could get our own special ST for 2018.

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According to Ford's website, there will indeed be a Fiesta for the 2018 model year. This contradicts earlier reports that the Fiesta would be discontinued after 2017. We have even seen dealer inventories that list 2018 Fiesta models in stock, in both standard and ST trims. Unfortunately, the regular cars don't seem to be available with the more powerful 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. We are guessing that Ford built too many units in 2017, and will have to sell some of them off as 2018 models. Based on the photos and options on the website, it doesn't appear that the 2018 Fiesta will be any different than the 2017 car.

We recently said that now is the perfect time to go out and buy a 2017 Fiesta ST while the dealerships are trying to get rid of excess inventory. At $22,000, the Fiesta ST was always a well-equipped car for the money, but there were some more practical options. Right now, you can get into a Fiesta ST for as low as around $17,000, if your dealer is willing to negotiate. At that price there is nothing else on the market that offers nearly 200 hp as well as a full suite of options. Even though there will be a Fiesta in 2018, we still suggest that you buy one while the deals are hot.