The Ford Focus RS Is Soon Going To Be Even More Powerful


Brace yourself.

The concept of a 'power war' isn't new in the automotive industry, but the state of the conflict in this day and age has ramped up to truly remarkable levels. An 'Era of the Megacar' will soon be upon us; junior supercars now have power outputs that'll make some of the prior decade's fastest road vehicles blush and 500+-hp executive sedans are becoming increasingly common. Perhaps the biggest manifestation of this is in the hot hatchback market - and the already potent Ford Focus RS will soon make this already wild class even more unruly.

Admittedly, this isn't via a Focus RS500 we may or may not have spotted at the Nurburgring earlier this year, and nor is this faster Focus RS available outside of 'selected European markets.' However, we're pretty sure the new Mountune package will make it to the United States eventually. Not only does Mountune having an American off-shoot help matters, but Ford Performance was also heavily involved in the development of the tuner's performance package. British Focus RS owners can now have the upgrade installed at a Mountune-appointed Ford dealership without invalidating the car's original three-year/60,000-miles warranty. All sounding pretty good so far, it seems.

Of course, the main point of Mountune's Focus RS pack is to improve performance, and we're pretty satisfied by the gains made in this upgrade. Power is boosted from 345 hp to 370 hp, with torque climbing up another 30 lb-ft to an on-overboost output of 376 lb-ft. Such gains understandably equate to a subtle yet much appreciated increase in performance: though the top speed remains pegged at 165 mph, the 0-62mph acceleration time of 4.5 seconds makes the Mountune RS almost as quick to 100 clicks as the '991.2 gen' Porsche 911 Carrera. If this is as fast Ford will allow the standard RS to be, just imagine what a hypothetical RS500 could bring to the table.

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