The Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Is All About The Track

Limited Edition

Because apparently the current RS isn't enough of a monster on the track.

Ford’s method of introducing its new special edition Focus RS is one of the better car commercials involving an outside group of “real people” that we’ve seen, the alternative being Chevy’s facepalm-inducing “Real People Not Actors” ads. In this case, it brought in a group of Focus RS enthusiasts, apparently handpicked from online forums, to meet Ken Block and see some of his legendary whips before being ushered into another room where the 2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition was unveiled.

The current Focus RS will see production come to an end in 2018, so Ford is taking this final year as an opportunity to send the car off the right way by correcting the wrongs enthusiasts moaned about in the forums. Apparently there were two problem areas that got the most focus (no pun intended): paint color and an open differential up front.

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Things are made right by offering the RS Limited Edition in a new shade of Race Red to go with Nitrous Blue and optional forged wheels. The aforementioned hardware deficiency has been done away with by installing a limited-slip differential on the front axle. Further differentiating the Limited Edition are black mirror caps, a black roof, a black spoiler, and interior carbon fiber trim pieces. Buyers wanting to cough up some extra dough for cold weather creature comforts can spring for the RS2 package. That adds heated power Recaro seats, heated mirrors, a heated steering wheel, and voice-activated navigation. Get those orders in because only 1,000 are coming to the US. Canadian? Don't worry, there's another 500 coming your way.