The Ford Focus RS500 Should Be A Proper Hot Hatch Powerhouse


It's scary to think that this much performance can be extracted from a hatchback nowadays!

For as long as it's been in existence, the Ford Focus RS has been associated with silly power outputs. The very first car, for instance, had a dizzying-by-2002-standards 212-hp, the Mk 2 model monstered onto the scene with a 315-hp figure that still holds up today and the current vehicle's 345-hp output would be incredible if it weren't overshadowed by the likes of the A45 AMG. As a result, Autocar reporting a possibly lofty target for the Focus RS500 is both spectacular and highly expected.

It's common knowledge that the Focus RS can have a bit more power eked out of it. For instance, Ford Performance is involved in the Europe-only Mountune kit that bumps power up to 370-hp, and the extra vents in what we understand to be a Focus RS500 development car does imply that any future hot Focus variants will post higher figures on the dyno. And it seems Ford is looking at extracting a substantial amount of grunt from the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, with the RS500 project targeting up to 400 hp. If Ford can produce an RS500 with such power, it would rank the Focus RS as the most powerful production hatchback - ahead of that accolade's current holder, the 380-hp Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.

Alas, it's not known at the moment what form the Focus RS500 will take. In fact, Autocar raised the possibility that the faster RS might not reach production. According to the report, a Ford insider revealed that, even though there's a strong urge to build an even faster Focus to sit at the top of the ST and RS pecking order, the project has yet to be "genuinely green-lighted." Fingers crossed Ford sees sense and gives the go ahead to a limited production run of 400-hp Focus RS models. With the current Focus due to be phased out sooner rather than later, a monstrous RS500 would be a terrific way to send off the family five-door hatchback in style. And preferably in a shade of Performance Blue.


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