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The Ford GT Failed To Meet Production Target Last Year

Ford only produced 138 GTs last year after promising to build 250 per year.

When the second-generation GT was first announced, Ford promised to build a total of 500 examples for two years at a rate of 250 per year. Another two years were then added to the production run, bringing the total to 1,000. Unfortunately, Ford has fallen short of those figures for the GT in its first year of production. According to details uncovered by Motor Authority on a Ford GT message board, only 138 Ford GTs were built last year instead of the promised 250. However, it turns out Ford has a very good reason for the delay.

"This is a hand-built supercar, which we are committed to deliver flawlessly,” a company spokesperson told Motor Authority. “We built into our process an extended ramp-up due to several factors such as global homologation testing and supplier constraint." Also, Multimatic, Ford’s high-tech Canadian partner that builds the car, has never built a car on this scale before. As a result, it’s taken a long time for the company to get to a point where it’s building one GT per day. The first Ford GT rolled off the assembly line in December 2016, but Multimatic didn’t start building one car per day until the middle of 2017. Supplier issues and the extra time spent painting the special Victory cars commemorating the GT’s class win at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans also contributed to the production shortfall.

The first Ford GT came out of the shop in December 2016, but Multimatic didn't start building one car per day until the middle of 2017. That, teamed with some supplier issues and some minor delays in painting the special Victory cars to commemorate the GT's class win at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans, resulted in the production shortfall for the 2017 model year.

The good news, however, is that Ford is on schedule to build 250 GTs this year. If Ford can keep this up, that means 888 models will have been produced when the previously promised four-year run ends. It looks like the total production run will be extended, though, as Ford still intends to produce 1,000 GTs in total. “We are building one Ford GT a day and are committed to building the vehicle for at least four years,” a Ford spokesman said. “We’re sticking to our initial commitment of 1,000 vehicles.”

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