The Ford GT's Engine May Not Only Be Used For The Ford GT

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Wait? So a 600-hp crate engine?

We probably would have laughed if we were told ten years ago that a car like the all-new Ford GT would come powered by a twin-turbo V6. Not a V8 or V10, but a V6 with a couple of turbos attached. Perhaps Ford's mad genius team of engineers wants the world to look at forced induction differently from now on. We certainly are and, according to Ford Performance boss Dave Pericak, other endurance racing teams should, too.

Speaking to Autocar, Pericak reiterated just how solid of an engine the GT's EcoBoost V6 is turning out to be, pointing to the engine winning "at the (2014) 12 Hours of Sebring...and it's shown promise in the GT race car already. It shows how capable the engine is." Because of this, Pericak admitted Ford was exploring the possibility to offer the engine to other racing teams. Think of it as a competitor to Chevrolet's LS V8s. So yes, that 600-hp EcoBoost V6 could one day become a crate engine. And, by the way, Ford insiders have quietly hinted that 600-hp is just the start. The engine is capable of a whole lot more power.

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