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Ford GT And Mercedes-AMG GT Share Same Gearbox, But One Is Twice As Expensive To Replace

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How's that possible?

It may be assembled in Canada, but the Ford GT is the most expensive car you can buy from a mainstream American automaker. So we'd expect the cost of replacement parts to be pretty high, too. But as Road & Track discovered, the price for one major component seems to be way out of proportion.

In developing the GT, Ford chose Getrag's 7DCL750 transmission – the same seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox used in the Mercedes-AMG GT, even employing the same ratios. But where Mercedes charges "only" $14,940 for the part, Ford commands nearly twice that at $27,624 – even more if you don't have one to exchange.

In that case, Ford will charge you an extra $5k, bringing the price up to $32,324. And though some online retailers will sell it for less, you may have trouble acquiring one if you don't already own a new Ford GT.

What's more is that Mercedes also offers a rebuilt version for $11,715 – barely more than a third what Ford charges for a new one – and may be the cheapest way to get ahold of the gearbox. But we couldn't speak to how easy it might be to swap one into the Blue Oval's supercar, if it came down to it.

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In addition to Ford and Mercedes (which also used the gearbox on the SLS AMG), Ferrari employed the same on the 458 and California, albeit with different ratios. It charges about $5k less than Ford does, or $10k once you take the no-replacement charge into account.

So why does Dearborn charge so much more than Sindelfingen or Maranello? The answer may come down to volume. Where Mercedes and Ferrari have churned out thousands of supercars with this transmission, Ford will only make 1,500. So it may have had to pay Getrag more for each unit. But it may also be gouging owners of the $450k supercar.