The Ford GT's Hydraulic Power Steering Isn't Just For Enthusiasts

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Ford's engineers made their lives easier and enthusiasts happy at the same time.

A lot of time and money went into the development of the Ford GT. The goal was to make a modern supercar designed for enthusiasts, hence the stringent application process potential buyers had to go through. In their quest to ensure that the GT was as much of a driver's car as could be, the engineers at Ford decided to go with hydraulically assisted power steering as opposed to an electric system. On the surface this seems to be a nod to enthusiasts, but Fox News learned that there was a much more practical motivation behind the decision.


The Ford GT's active rear wing and adjustable suspension system are all powered by the same hydraulic pump. Ford Performance chief engineer Jamal Hameedi told Fox News that to the team it just made sense to have the steering also utilize the same pump. Going the electric route would have just added weight and left drivers feeling upset over a lack of feel and feedback. It's likely that Ford could have engineered this issues out of the equation but why do more work when you can just make everyone happy (the engineers and the customers) by keeping the steering hydraulically assisted?


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