The Ford Maverick Won't Get Any Cheaper

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The base is the base model.

The new Ford Maverick is already a smash hit and not a single example has hit the road yet. Reservations are through the roof, sparking fears Ford could be unable to keep up with demand. We remain hopeful. And one of the key reasons for the Maverick's popularity is its affordability. Few traditional cars these days carry a sub-$20,000 starting price.

The Maverick is the sole truck to do so, starting at $19,995. And that's the hybrid variant with an EPA estimated 40 mpg. Well done, Ford. But if you're wondering whether the Maverick will get any cheaper with a new base model, think again. Speaking to Ford Authority, Maverick marketing manager Trevor Scott made this fact quite clear.

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"Not at this point. We feel really strongly about having the hybrid at the sub-$20,000 price point," he said. It may be just $5 below $20k, but that's still affordable enough for plenty of buyers. In fact, a solid chunk of those reservations are for the hybrid.

Bear in mind it's possible for a fully-loaded Maverick to reach the $40k mark, which means it'll come powered by the optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo-four rather than the hybrid setup. And you can bet rival automakers have taken note of the Maverick's very early success. Its closest competitor is definitely the Hyundai Santa Cruz, another car-based truck that we recently test drove and loved.

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There's also the Honda Ridgeline, but its nearly $37,000 base price immediately eliminates it from consideration for budget buyers or those who don't want to spend that kind of money.

The Maverick is also reportedly luring away some crossover owners who simply want something different. Some may have always liked the idea of owning a truck but were turned off because of poor fuel efficiency and size. Parking even a midsize truck like the Ranger in the city is not easy. The Maverick solves both of those problems while still offering decent enough towing and a traditional truck bed. Just don't expect for Ford to drop the price tag.

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Source Credits: Ford Authority

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