The Ford Mustang Curb Stomped The Competition In 2015

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Numbers don't lie but they also don't tell the entire story.

One of the biggest cliches in any industry is that numbers don't lie. Yeah, numbers often tell the majority of the story but they're nothing without context. But we're getting ahead of the real story, which is that Ford sold an astounding 122,345 Mustangs in 2015. That's a crap ton of muscle cars. The Blue Oval easily beat Chevrolet for the top spot as only 77,502 Camaros were sold last year. As expected the Dodge Challenger was a distant third with 51,462 cars sold. However, that third place showing is a record for the four-wheeled tuna boat.

Like we said at the top, numbers often don't tell the whole story. Yes, Ford easily beat Chevy to the peak of muscle car mountain in 2015. But remember, the sixth-generation Camaro didn't hit dealer lots until late last year. That means there's a good chance at least a few buyers held off on pulling the trigger because something newer and shinier was on the horizon. Hell, this happened to Ford back in 2014 when it was planning on rolling out its new Mustang the next year. Of course even if the new Camaro had hit dealer lots earlier, it's tough to believe it would have been able to close a gap of almost 45,000 units. So, what are we left to infer?

2015 was obviously a good year but perhaps an anomaly, at least as far as Ford's margin of victory is concerned. Also, the new Mustang is easily winning over consumers. And finally, 2016 should be a damn interesting year in the muscle car wars now that the new and much-lauded Camaro and Mustang are finally going head to head over the course of a full calendar year.

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