The Ford Mustang Failed Performance Benchmarks For Use In Police Fleets


And it has nothing to do with the lack of a back seat.

If an alien crash lands on Earth and asks any knowledgeable human what a Ford Mustang is, the human would spew synonyms of the word "performance" out of their mouth because that's the image of the car that's planted in everyone's mind. One would expect these high-speed capabilities to translate well over to police duty, especially when it comes to the car's ability as a pursuit vehicle. So why on earth would the Mustang not be good enough for police duty in Australia? You got beef or something, Mad Max?

Sure, placing anyone in the backseat is cruel and unusual punishment, but that isn't why the New South Wales Police Force has taken the 2016 Mustang GT off its list of possible police cars. The reason why is that when the muscle car was undergoing testing to see if it is capable of handling police work, the automatic transmission overheated just three minutes into the test. This put the car in "limp" mode, something you don't want when chasing robbers. The NSW police force was testing possible new police cars because Ford and Holden, the companies behind the Falcon and Commodore police vehicles, are axing these cars. Unfortunately for Mustang fans, the pony car wont be the one to replace them.

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